Noonan Creative is an idea factory.

In brand communications, the idea is king. As a results-driven ad agency, we help our clients communicate with their fans through highly creative ideas that entice people to pay attention, participate and buy.


What We Do = Brand Communications

We develop bold creative campaign ideas and executions for businesses that want their brands to sing and their sales to rock. We deliver them in comprehensive Campaign Playbooks that define, guide and continually feed lasting campaigns. Our clients use them every day to grow their businesses. 

Services: Advertising Campaigns ! Campaign Playbooks ! Creative Strategy ! Brand Strategy ! Social Media Strategy ! Email Marketing Strategy ! Digital Strategy ! Brand Design ! Print Design ! Multimedia Design ! Event Design ! Web Design & Development ! Content Creation

Our Approach = SHoCC Value

Everything we do is designed to help our clients SHoCC their fans. That is, to communicate with Simplicity, Honesty, Clarity and Consistency at every touchpoint. It's what they deserve. And it's what they'll come to love about, line up for, and demand of your brand.

Our Genesis = Bugs Meets David Ogilvy

As a young kid, our principal Glenn Paradise, used to watch Bugs Bunny every Saturday morning. He couldn't get enough of Bugs and friends while devouring bowl after bowl of Cap'n Crunch. That cast of characters helped shape his sense of humor and provided him with a lifetime of killer situational quotes.

But what caught his interest almost as much as the cartoons, were the commercials. He studied the ads and considered ways to make them better, at least in the mind of an 8-year old kid. He wrote his own ads and scripts with friends. He submitted skits to radio stations, and dreamed of one day becoming an adman, the next David Ogilvy. He took that dream to college and continues to pursue it every day here at Noonan!

Our Name = Humor Everyday

Noonan! comes from the movie, Caddyshack. There are so many lines and scenes that crack us up, we wanted to pay tribute, as well as spread the humor. And most importantly, in the same way the line, "Noonan!", has transcended the silver screen and taken on a life of its own (on golf courses and elsewhere), we try to give our clients' messages the same drawing power, the same hook that creates a cult following.


We've created communications for established brands like GE, retro brands like NECCO, industry creators like, and global innovators like iRobot. 

So we've got that going for us, which is nice.