Every campaign idea comes with a Campaign Playbook

The purpose of this Playbook is to inspire the people who work with the campaign to bring it to its full potential. It sets the parameters by which all campaign creative should be produced. It helps ensure consistency across all media, channels and sub-campaigns. And it helps everyone promote and evolve the campaign with accuracy and confidence. Ultimately, this Playbook empowers all who touch the campaign to continually build recognition and loyalty among key audience segments and maximize value to the company.

The Playbook has three main sections

  1. Strategic Statement
  2. Look/Tone/Feel
  3. Execution

The Strategic Statement is a succinct expression of the campaign as it relates to our client's goals. Look/Tone/Feel establishes and guides the overall verbal and visual approach of the campaign. And the Execution section is where the rubber meets the road, providing inspirational design templates, complete with source files, for a variety of media the client will be executing for over the life of the campaign.

Each Playbook is developed specifically for each client's needs

Whether you're embarking on a rebrand, introducing a new product, pivoting your message, or promoting a big seasonal push, a Campaign Playbook adds the power and consistency you need to achieve your marketing goals. Let's talk about how a Campaign Playbook can help you right now.